All On Your Own

Just try face’n
Life on your own
I mean totally
On your own
Incredible courage
To make your day
Lucky you
Thank God
At least you have a safety net
After working 25 years as
A hospital nurse
And ruining your back
Yes, left with a social security check
But, no pension or retirement for you
No health care guarantee
Disabled after
Being a Care Giver for your mother with Alzheimer’s for nine years
All on your own
Still believe’n
You were
Thirty years ago

8 thoughts on “All On Your Own”

  1. Cassandra thank u for your post and kind words! Although I do live out of state as she is OK~ but we can travel over in about 3 hours. She does have good neighbors ~ just hard to rely on others. Helping each other is so very important ~


  2. I agree with what you've said above, that this is just the beginning of a fuller exploration of the character. It does well in sketching the outlines of this woman, but from your description of her, it feels like you can capture more depth of character in a few more stanzas. That would certainly be something to look forward to!


  3. Brian thank you for this morning's comment so kind of you. This writing is still a work in progress as I was trying to capture the pain she endured. ~ but I believe I need another Stanza or two in celebration of her love! Maybe another poem a series of two?


  4. Thank you Steve for your kind words! This poem was written with dedication to my very best friend in this world. She gave so much of herself ~ truly loving her mother as she gave up so much to take care of her… But she would have done it again with no regrets ~ as she lived her mother so ~ I witnessed what true love was all about!


  5. Yes, always believe, never shut the door on 30 years ago. And hope…always, never bitter about the cards dealt. But happily remember doing God's work with your mother, etc. We do NOT 'deserve' anything. All is a gift, from love, as you have given also.

    Thank you for SO many reminders here, beautifully stated.



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