Good morning here from Lake Ann and where we have cloudy skies with warming temperatures ~ oh, how spring is trying to show us her face before her time.

A kind reprieve for us ~ where we can feel the warmth of spring to come and finally warm up, down into our aching bones! ~maybe we should call it a Leprechaun Spring?

My husband and I have lived here, along this glorious Ozark ridge, on a high hill overlooking beautiful Lake Ann ~ as I am counting now, for 4,915 ever changing days and 55 ever changing seasons.

Our Arkansas home has four distinct seasons in a year with each season being about three months long. In February, I know we are in the last month of our winter. However, we can get snow sometimes in the early part of a March spring.

This view is forever ~ ever changing ~ it is really never the same view from day-to-day or from hour-to-hour!

Always ~ amazing how simple life really is ~ when we take time to stop and see the small things . . .

My morning write ~

What can I see and sing out-loud?

I try to hear a new melody in my heart~

Looking over the water and off to the eastern limestone bluff

great wind fans spark off of Bear’s Point

and far away sounds are truly of only one-lone-old-dog barking

red birds flutter through winter evergreen branches

and out on my old-time rustic porch
a hanging wind chime plays in full melody

all remaining fall oak leaves ~ who have certainly stayed way past their due ~ still rustle in the winds

near, a groundhog moves down hill towards his home
plowing through a ladden hillside covered in a two-foot deep
mighty oak and hickory leaf fall

a male bald eagle flys straight over the main channel
out towards the dam site

glorious views
a single day
a single moment ~
until now!