Today, I was greeted by a friend with her daily message of hope and loved her message of Letting Go . . . and Letting God. I hold this prayer today.

I have written about Arkansas Rain many time before trying to capture the beauty and the feelings it conjures up deep inside me, stirring the heart. Somewhere, somehow to me it resounds the gentleness of life and how we are all connected to this sacred earth and how precious this world really is.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of my Arkansas rain! This type of rain doesn’t come very often, this gentle rain, but when it does, I hope you will recognize it.

Once again
It’s barely raining
This Arkansas gentle
Sheltering rain

Rain drops
Falling from leaf to leaf
And covering all of God’s green earth

Even you
As you hold out your hands
Rain begins to fall
Into the cup of your hand
And then slips through your finger tips

Oh so, gentle
And soothing
Like time held close
And then leaving
As a friend