Ozark Mountains sit between
Appalachian and Rocky Mountains
Up on high Ozark Mountains and Springfield Plateaus
Among Boston and Ouachitas Mountains
Here – where heat waves roam free

We Barrett kids used to go with
Mom and dad on Sunday drives
Over to Eureka Springs, Ozark and Petit Jean in the Ozarks or
Down the Talimena Drive in the Ouachitas
To Poteau, Heavner and Broken Bow

In the dog days of high summer
We would catch daily showers
Up in the mountains
Dark storm clouds would chase us
Over the mountain passes
We knew they wouldn't last long
So we could go back swimming again
Before we would have to go home

We called them
Mountain showers
Car wash showers
Pop up showers
Cooling us down just enough
Building up from the day's afternoon heat
When the mountain showers hit
We could get wet and cool off
Just what God ordered
We knew the storms would be short and Not last long and be a'passing through
On their way to be quickly gone
The clouds would chase the sky
Until the sun went down

Near sunset
We drove back home
Back to the flat oil patch lands
Katy and I
Climbed into the back window seat
Of Dad's 1954 Silver Buick
Laying underneath a clear sky
Full of midnight stars
Knowing we would be back soon
To make another Sunday Ozark Drive