National Poetry Month ~ April

Day 30#
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Saying goodbye to NAPOMO . . .

Poetry can be used as Performance Art for a ACTIVISM to promote a SOCIAL CAUSE!

THIS is How CHANGE happens ~

Producer, Actor & Writer of the Book & Broadway Play, Hamilton ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

My morning writing ~
I sometimes write to understand myself or to “frame” a moment in-time by slowing down to observe my world around me. This might be seen as observational or descriptive poetry. However, I prefer to consider it meditative poetry ~ being in touch with your self & connecting it to the present moment.

Also I have written on environmental & social concerns, but not as performance art.  I might have to give it a try one of these days.  I find I am always transformed by experiencing art & stories in any form.

Every single day we can find poetry around us if we take time to look & to listen.

On television this week, I loved the surprise of seeing poetry used & reported to bring attention to national political cause. How great is that!

Thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda.


National Poetry Month ~ April

Day 29#
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Good morning from thr lakeside deck ~
We have clouds & rain this morning. Sunrise brought a bright beautiful pink to the sky then turned over to just grey. Cool temps too ~ in the 50s.

Im just sitting here wrapped in a blanket, sitting with my gentle Arkansas rain!

My morning write ~

you can hear it coming
through the trees
you can see it coming
as it moves over the lake
making splashes & dashes
far in the cove
here it comes
and you say
we better go inside?
no not yet
I’m going to stay


National Poetry Month ~ April

Day 28#
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Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

A simply beautiful cool AR spring morning!

Over the last several days, I’ve been watching a pair of Wood Wrens build their nest. It is behind a temperature clock on the inside eve of our deck. They have been so busy & working hard to gather the bits of pieces of sticks, leaves, pollen flowers, string & paper. Anazing they can find this variety of stuff to use!

My morning write ~

I hear
my favorite
spring bird song
and spot a wren
talking to the world

mamma and papa
busy as two carpenters
such an industrious pair
these tiny brown wood wrens
dart from rail to chair

showing stunning
creative & ingenuity
building a home
behind the clock


National Poetry Month ~ April

Day 27#
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Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

A beautiful start to our day ~ cool air and sunshine filled with blue skies & not a cloud in sight!  We were most fortunate last night to get mainly straight winds ~ so lucky the storms tended not to produce tornadoes.  Thank God ~ that huge line of storms could have been aweful!

However, I’m so glad we got the rain ~ and this morning you can really open your windows & doors and BREATH in FRESH oxygenated air!  OH MY ~ it has been weeks sense we have been able to breath anything but green pollen.  It covered everything!

Take time for a wonderful day & I wish you happiness wherever you are ~ for this day and at this time!

My morning write ~
finches on perches
golden wings flutter lightly
a morning prelude


National Poetry Month ~ April

Day 26#
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Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Excerpt fron this morning’s Brian’s Pick Newsletter ~ (Talking about how we influence ourselves & others through our actions). . .

“Indeed, this is what Gandhi touched on when he observed that our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our character, our character becomes our destiny, and it’s also the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which aims to change how we think by first changing what we do, until we internalize a set of beliefs about how those actions define who we are.”

This morning’s write~

thinking out loud
shouting my words
silent as they are
becoming unstuck

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National Poetry Month ~ April

Where do you want to go?
Down the road ~
Just where I can roam ~

Down an open road ~ where I can hear ~
The call of the mountains
From open valleys to hills on every horizon

The call of driving underneath big blue skies
From floating down roaring rivers to stepping across streams

The call of open prairies & desserts too
From walking on board walks through marsh lands to seeing the stars over canyon walls

I want to go ~
Down the road ~
Just where I can roam ~

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National Poetry Month ~ April

National Poetry Month ~ April
Day 16#

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Goods Early morning from the lakeside deck ~

We have Nana Diane, Grand Niece Madeline, Daddy Donovan and Momma Nishan visiting us from Houston!

Uncle Martin & Aunt Melissa will be over tonight.

Sending a big AR Hug to Papa Hugh too!

Love is ~
Bright and beautiful
Simple and gracious
Laughing and laughing
Again & again

We love you all!

Thank you for bringing Ms Madeline to see us here in AR! Truly a gift & a blessing!