Interview with dVerse Poetics  Pretzels & Bullfights~ Spotlight: Joan Barrett Roberts via @dVersePoets

Reposting my interview with dVerse Poets done by Laurie Kolp!  Thank you Laurie!

I moved to Arkansas about ten years ago & absolutely fell in love with the Ozarks!  The interview includes some of my favorite poems like Forever I Walk These Ozark Hills ~

Written from my lakeside deck overlooking Bear’s Point on Lake Ann ~

I live high upon an Ozark hill
Overlooking my beloved Lake Ann
On this rich autumn day
Crisp and cool mist layered air
Rich in harvest smells
Pine needles lay among oak leaves
Sharing and relinquishing pungent oils
As I walk this sacred ground
Peacefulness and blessings come to my day
Baked Honey Crisp apples and apple cakes
Warm campfires
With embers and wood smoke
Smoldering smells of Hickory Nuts
And Black Walnuts
A Pine grove stands on the ridge
And a mighty green earth cups its hands
From the harvest red rubies and gilded golds
November is now content
Knowing this low ebb
Playful dawn before winter’s slumber falls
In the silvery mercury light of day
The sun moves these labored hands
And leaves this restless heart behind
Forever here, I walk these ancient Ozark hills
Forever young . . .