Shared Diamonds ~

I’m grateful for mother
My sisters, brothers, and father
I know you better now in Ozark sunlight
Graced by unbridled prayer and thought

Even in this cold spring night
Our collected wings take flight
Bound together in our daily living
Stories told and retold by firelight

Sparks fly in new memories staying
Fresh footprints in our making
Families coming together
Exchanging diamonds now shining

Times and hearts shared as we gather
History built with smiles together
Walking among hallowed roots tethered
To fields of ancient Irish Heather!



Winter Sky Winds

Feb 7, 2015

wind plumes fan out over Lake Ann
sparkling waters move
from south to north up the cove
creating an unending flow
unfrozen and stretching out

doors and windows wide open
come spirit winds
set me free

today is a turtle day
soft sides and hard backs
I lay my belly
in warm sunlight
soaking in the warmth
for long winter days

warm gulf sky winds
howled through the highland oaks
over the ozark ridge
traveling to someone’s home
and greeted as a hero