Glory be . . .

Staccato Notes

Writing Notes: Afternoon photo taken with my iPhone driving down Interstate 540 towards Bella Vista, AR.

Staccato fair weather clouds
Were but musical notes played
With quick and sharpened edges
Dancing over the day’s blue skies
Lines of sinuous musical notes
Framed my road’s horizon
And led me to an abrupt chorus refrain!

Glory be . . . .


January Thaw

Warm sunshine
Warm afternoon air
Warming my heart
I’m in a place where
I can say
I should be!

I know that
I am alone
Heart and soul
I leave the river
Sleeping on the horizon
Let me believe in you
Together I pray

In the long afternoon shadows
In the warm January air
In the day’s moon light
I wish you were here
Or I was there
At last