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September Gold

*{shared with @dVerse Poetics Open Link}

Once more
These late summer days
Unfold into glorious
September Gold

First Phase — SKY

Sky blues
At an all time high
Blue, blue, blue
So blue ~ I could even fly

Second Phase — EARTH

many harvest colors
scratch the landscape ~
old brown hardwoods
new roadside reds
bright orange edges and
yellow sunshine golds

just simple stubble
on these ancient hills
sticking out —
like an old man growing
a brand new beard

orchards sit
on both sides of the road
plentiful red delicious apples
ready for picking and
offering apple cider makings

Third Phase — WATER

summer droughts
have parched the lands
and stilled rivers
but now
from around the bend
over and across the cove
moving down river
Cyrstal Springs and
Sugar Creek waters
begin to flow again

Fouth Phase — PEOPLE

framed by tree bridges
campfires and paddle boats
new campsites dug in
tents and trailers
fill every nook and cranny

fairy tales
fly out of story books
stories abound —
cane pole fishing and
catching rainbow trout
for iron skillet cooking

tapping maple trees
for their sweet sugar sap
stirring up golden brown
home made country syrup

Fifth Phase — SPIRIT

And I . . .
watch each new sunrise
listen to the morning blue heron calls
pray for peace and some measured joy
with one step
walk out again
along these Ozark woodland trails
now through overgrown shores
waiting to hear the call to stay!

Once more
These late summer days
Unfold into glorious
September Gold


18 thoughts on “September Gold”

  1. A beautiful display of nostalgic autumn beauty and the connection of life that make life worth living…

    For some reason i picture the Appalachian Mountains and the autumn beauty there..

    Maybe because that’s the only Autumn i’ve seen off of sprawls of green…that more often goes straight to brown..on Florida fall days..where summer can come back any day…the Sun decides..at times..that there are only 2 seasons..instead of 4….

    and truly only 1 at times with air conditioners and christmas gifts freely flowing together on Christmas day.. and i guess that’s why Fall is my favorite time of year.. i really cannot count on it..so i never take it for granted..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Katie for stopping by and taking time to share as well! Always love hearing from readers ~ the Ozarks are allot like the Appalachians! Beautiful wide horizons of hills and sky! I do love living here where there is four seasons to my year especially that each season lasts about 3 months! Used to live in WI where we had 4 seasons but six months was usually spent in winter! Ugh. Again, so glad you enjoyed the write & here’s hoping you are blessed with a most wonderful Florida Fall! ~joanie


    1. Thanks for your kind words and so glad you enjoyed it! In my writing I do try to capture a sight, a feeling or uncurl my thought or memory gone by!


    1. Hi Bjorn ~ thanks for stopping in always good to hear from you! Yes ~ autumn is so full of air smells, images~ built on a thousand moments outdoors ~ shared with family and friends!


    1. Hello Claudia thanks so much for stopping by! That stubble is now on the hills and when the late afternoon sunlight hits colors pop out from the green! Beautiful magic indeed & autumn always brings back so many lovely memories for me!


    1. Hi dear Kathleen ~ yes she dresses for the season! Love being here when it’s fall and love to be outdoors to smell and feel the sweet crisp air! Thanks for sharing ~ joanie


    1. Good morning Brian! Thanks for reading and commenting ~ yes Fall is my favorite season! The Ozarks are splendid in the fall ~ gorgeous golds and reds ~ call of the wild!


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