Night’s twilight from sunset to dusk —
An unbearable panic rushed past my frigid door
From dusk to dawn’s winnow outpour
Pushed by winter’s relentless misery call
Eminent pain and life stories unraveled my heart
A full moon relished in delightful recall
Roaming its ghostly haunts frozen and held to earth
Unable to move beyond endless grief
Pressed by an empty disbelief
Surely I must endure this winter’s sting!
Morning’s twilight from dawn to sunrise –
At first splendor’s sight
Grey clouds parted overhead in delight
Bringing new warmth renewed by winter’s sun
Deepened blue sky-leaves filled the skies undone
Warming hearts during the coldest winter’s song
Unfrozen all along
And at least for a moment near
I feel an indescribable ease
I am here in the now
Present — in my winter’s lodge
I fall into my bedroom’s window view
Beauty has arrived!
No calls necessary
I am released
Folding myself into the welcoming arms of a new day
I discard my plights as I walk out onto the wooden quay
Holding time near
My spirit simply takes flight
Over these woodland hills and Lake Ann’s piers
Out toward the open waters emerging invite
Carried aloft by inspiring sky-winds – a new shore appears
All in hope of this winter’s song!