Sunshine Day



Days upon days of cabinized fever
Trapped from necessity by snow dreary days
Hibernating doing nothing somehow, the only thing you can do
Mighty lessons learned and then held in full view
Only the brave can waddle out into the nights
In hopes to fight the upcoming days of white on white

Oh but we have sunshine today
Bright blue gorgeous blues
Song birds so thrilled its like a new dance begins
Thoughts of any hiberating drops away like melting snow
Breathing again feels like a brand new time
Richness is in tonight’s sunset and tomorrow’s new dawn

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Day”

  1. I liked the idea of the excitement over the sun appearing in what must be at times a gloomy landscape. No such thing here in Australia where at present it is very warm and very sunny most days.


  2. I hear you, Joanie…'breathing again feels like a brand new time' ~ it's good still to try and get outside every day no matter what – saying to you and myself too :)xx


  3. Writ of hope, comes from lingering despair, the snow, nature's roadblock.
    Sunshine prevails. We knew it would. Your piece led us that way.
    Nicely done.


  4. ha. i feel your joy in your words…its so great too after being pent up in a home to get the sun and go out into it and feel it full on your face….ah, yes…after being home the last 3 days it was great to get out today and be….


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