I Have Eyes

Published for dVerse Poets, Open Pub Night
on thisTuesday, the First Week of December, 2013
I have eyes and I can see . . .
We believe we are free and the best
Better than the rest
No price yet to pay for unresolved wars
Our hungry and homeless families
Soldiers returning home uncared for
Broken promises to our children’s future
Relentless acceptance of the status-quo
Our violence goes unchallenged
Poverty is accepted even when we work full-time
Living wages seem a life time ago
Our fractured lives scream out from towers brought down
We choose to answer our needs and wants
In shopping and buying more stuff
In moments of giving a dime
Tidbits of ourselves shown in electronic faces
Streaming flashes of what others have or what others want
Living a flat one dimensional life on a small screen
Waiting for some real connection or kindness
From our family or unknown friends
I have eyes and I can see . . .
I know 
One person, one family, one child at a time
Can still believe in the goodness of our hearts
Where love can reach others
By the simple gifts we give
In moments shared
These acts of hope, courage and love
Are what we have to hold on to
I can hear each day’s call of a sunset or a sunrise

I can see the edges of our shores

I can touch the majesty of the hills 
I can hold a single leaf and your hand!
I have eyes and I can see . . .

In response to reading Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Small Wonder!


11 thoughts on “I Have Eyes”

  1. Isn't interesting how pulling ourselves out of the mire of modern life, the jagged piles of woe that surround us, fed to us pixel by pixel, can be as simple as observing and reacting to the guileless heart of a child and the open heart of Nature? Wonderful contemplation here, Joanie. ~ j


  2. yes. we can love and hold on to hope even in the face of the world as it is…it is a hard place at times…and once that can really bring us down…if we let it…we dont have to let it….if we care for each other…what can stand against us?


  3. there are def. lots of things that make me sad… when we cannot live from our hand's work…even with a full-time job…that's tough… the soldiers that fought for a country and no one cares for them when they come back home… makes me sad and angry… a bleak world in many ways but i love how you point out the hope that is there if we care for each other and if we reach out to each other…and how everyone can make a difference and bring change and make this world a better place


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