This Day’s Race

just a lazy Sunday afternoon
walking along the shores of Lake Windsor
in Autumn’s smoke filled air

distant sounds tumble
over these bare leaf hills
time merely passing
alongside northern winds blowing

I abandon my day
to the gentle flow
of these outer banks

standing outlined only
by silvery afternoon skies
will you come with me?

searching for meaning ~
in today’s pauses
in tomorrow’s promises
& in tonight’s praises

how bright this day
along a wooded path I walk
keeping myself company
all for the sake of living

no not for unknown times
but rather for times known
memories of family &
times shared with others

in a warm embrace
in joyful love & playful care
in sheer delight
of this God given day

a relay for life
one running step at a time
all to a checkered flag
& a hand shake passed
this day’s race well ran!

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