Roots of Feelings

Created and Written for
Thursday’s Meet the Bar
Eraser Poetry Prompt
November 29

*Authors writing notes:
I searched for a real book and an important issue of mine is today’s conflicts!  Most of our conflicts could be solvable if we practiced clearly expressing what we really need from others!  With this in mind I sought out to add autumn leaves as an overlay! Using mixed media ~ natural element lots , organics, watercolors, charcoal & then light painting.  

This following poem emerged within this text from page 45!

O, they
never been taught
to think
Southern grown
people needs
homelands Israelis!
like immediate
here were people
before they began
are lying
using each other
feelings only blaming
rather than expressing
what they need
woman responses
saying . . . respect
what do you find disturbing

Real Book Source:  Nonviolent CommunicationA Language of Compassion by 
Marshall B. Rosenberg, March 1999

@copyrights all reserved

12 thoughts on “Roots of Feelings”

  1. I love the way this ends: “What do you find disturbing? talking” almost needs a question mark at the end. Really captures your intent, thoughts and feelings about current conflicts.


  2. I love the way you express feelings & how much conflict in the world today.I just went out to mail some cards & people were almost running with their cars to get ahead of those walking into the PO then they go in & wait in line quietly hiding their true inner rush….love your type writer.I had one from years ago…I think it got tossed when I moved,not by me.


  3. oh i love your journal page with the leaves…that is so cool…creative and fun….i think as well you find truth too…communication would def be a way out of our conflicts…

    fav part…

    only blaming
    rather than expressing
    what they need


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