Roadside Signs

Roadside Signs
Nine hundred miles of open road
Kites flying in the air, sign posts
Signs of something important . . .
Another make-shift memorial marking a highway death?
Some type of new American protest?
Like billboards advertising the latest fashions
Hanging like Easter eggs on high
Marking each spot
White, blue, green, yellow and
Large opaque billowing flags
Torn and shredded
Signs of our human times
Flapping in the winds
Full of air, ready for take off
But held tightly against the trees
Do you really see these roadside signs?
These open bladders of misused waste
Blossoming like the spring of a new season
Our ordinary everyday plastic bags
Dedicated to — for the joy of childhood days and roadsides free of plastic bags

28 thoughts on “Roadside Signs”

  1. Fabulous Your poem Oh i must get a friend artist to read this It reads to a painting he did .. flying over the north territory here in aus desert .. its in no mans land.. they see these, what they think looks beautiful at first a white bright shimmering of lights as they come down in their plane wee private plane yes ..they realise what they thought was some strange natural beauty of the desert with the sunlight was actually hundreds of white plastic shopping bagS ! Now this is indigenous land aborigine land yes and this is the rubbish that the white man has introduced to their world their culture their environment .. that also was killing gad knows how many poor creatures of the desert by strangulation or the many other things that can happen and also the pollution of this beautiful land.. well He painted this scene this memory .. I must see if He has this one on line and if he has I will point you in the direction of it.. Your poem speaks of this and the terrible horror we inflict on our body of earth everyday.. People used to be worried about the bomb Well things like Plastic Bags are the Bomb and likely slightly worse for their damage is a slow death of many things and all things .. I think Your poem is amazing and so important .. thankQ Beez ;))


  2. Frank ~ thanks for your read & comments! It is indeed differences in cultures & values ~ interesting that in Japan they have such high regard for their responsibility to their environment ~ wish we did! ~ how did we loose that??


  3. Jackie ~ THANKS ~ that means allot to me!! Appreciate your feedback~ 'misused waste' is right! I loved our family Sunday drives. Dad had a big Buick & all 7 kids & my parents would take trips up to the mountains to puck wild flowers m, dogwood or redbud blossoms! 🙂


  4. Thanks!! We need a green campaign here too ~ I do support using alternative bags but there are so many used ~ with little regard! I do like the idea of some type of incentive ~ thanks for visiting & taking time to post!


  5. I never understand why people can't just keep their trash in the car until they can stop and throw it away. Especially plastic bags… reminds me of when I went to Japan, everything is clean and yet there are no trash cans anywhere. People will hold their trash all the way until home if necessary to throw it away.


  6. interesting subject, interesting poem. Although I never actually saw the movie The Graduate, I am reminded of the line “I want to say one word to you: Plastics.” And that's almost what you're doing here. If plastics were going to be the next big thing 50 yrs ago, we can now see the result of all that, and often it is not a pretty sight. Plastics, like cockroaches, will be around long after we are all gone.


  7. Sigh, so true, Joanie. They seem alive in the breeze and are proliferating like bunnies.

    Speaking of which, I once saw a blowing, billowing bag chase a squirrel up a tree. True!!

    Great job!! ~ j


  8. I see them everywhere; have seen them for longer than I wish. They are a blight as many of those intentionally erected. They are testaments to the complacency of human nature.
    Nicely done, your composition well crafted. I hope its message will not fall deaf to so many.


  9. This brings me back to the family drives and how mesmerized I was by billboard signs, directions, and the like. I like much the line : “open bladders of misused waste” …that's exactly what they are. This is a well crafted, meaningful piece. Brava!- Jacquie


  10. your poem could be the start of a green campaign for those cities and states that still permit their use. I support the stores that provide discounts to customers who bring in reusable bags. thanks for crafting and posting this.


  11. oh we have people throwing them away as well and they get blown across the landscape…a shame…they tried to get rid of them in the 80's with jute instead of plastic…but didn't quite work..


  12. Brian, thanks so much for your kind words. And I had read that California is banning the plastic bag all together!
    Yes — I do think it is the right call!

    So much to do — action is called for YESTERDAY!!
    Always thought we would do more —
    Again, thank you for reading and sharing your comments!


  13. Thank you Ravenblack for reading my post & thanks so much for your wonderful words!

    I think our world has allot of “signs” pointing us to action both in unhealthy environments and war torn conflicts… many areas of concerns.

    Again thanks!


  14. yeah i see them…did you hear that they are outlawing them in california? just passed this week i think…and not a bad call at all…but i def think this speaks of our decline…like our flags flying…


  15. Interesting take on the subject of “signs” which can either be talking about signs purposely put up or signs such as those that point to what is happening in the environment or what might be to come from the consequences of some action. I like how the poem brings to attention that there are things there not usually noticed, that should be taken as signs: plastic bags in the wind. There really are plenty of those drifting about. Protest, signs of dissatisfaction.

    Lots to think about in your poem. Very nice write.

    – Ravenblack


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