Too Heavy to Lift

Walk the isles of a grocery store chain
Pay for food you need to cook
Carry and unload the groceries
What a pain!
They ask “paper or plastic”?
You answer “plastic please”
Because you see
You have no choice
You gotta use plastic
Just to be able
To carry groceries
Inside your house
Can’t manage no paper sacks
Cane in one hand
Climbing your steps
Carrying bags
One step at a time
Not much energy left
Not much grip
Cant bend down
Bags go on the stoop
You unlock your door
Carry them inside
Like a relay race
Sitting groceries on the floor
Too heavy to lift
All the way up to the kitchen counter
So you brace your stand
To unpack your load
Sorting & finding storage space
And after all that
You cook your own evening meal
Even when you simply feel like hell
But then you are all you got
And really. . .


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