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A Cast of Thousands

There are brand new beginnings for our mornings now with our 2 new pups, Ms. Sweetie Pie & Ms. Ginger Bread, who are eleven-week old Crocker Spaniels!

They were escorted by Mr. Les Barry from Alabama to us on Christmas Day, and given to us by Mrs. Sweetie Barry.

Life changing for us, and my husband loves them, and I have never seen him smiling so much!

He is like a brand new Papa! We love our girls!

My morning writing ~

I walk across
A sunrise morning
Softly I rise
And tip-toe across the cove
To the other side of the sky
Where there are soft stepping stones
In pink lace and pink pillow-tops
I float across the ridge
As fog begins to rise
And I’m lifted up to where
The sky-winds roam free
And in this one morning’s sunrise
I begin again
After a thousand nights have passed away
I walk along Galileo’s monuments
Traveling mighty eastern constellations
And wandering still
I dream of home
Where earth meets sky

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I Rise

April 15, 2013

I rise
To plead the
Innocence of the day

As I wait in rosary prayer
For decisions yet untold
And possibilities unfolding

I rise
To kiss this morning’s breath
I rise
To kiss this day’s new dawn
I rise
To hold God’s eternal grace

        Today’s first new pink dogwood bloom on our newly planted dogwood tree.
From the shores of  Lake Ann in Bella Vista, AR