On my lakeside deck, I sit out in the early morning to be close to nature, slowly immersing myself into the day. 
Here, I sit to listen, pray, and do my writing. Closing my eyes, I try to only listen for morning sounds. Choosing consciously to spend time to just sit quietly with listening.
Sometimes this helps inspire my morning writing or leads me into my morning prayers ~ and then move into spending time listening to God, and in God’s words. I feel close to God here amongst the mighty trees, watching the Lake Ann sunrises, and lake waters move to sky winds.

Everyday is a gift!

Take time to listen ~
hearing a red fox’s screech
as he walks along the shorelines

hearing summer cicadas’ last constant hums
as they get ready to go back home

hearing a tiny woodland wren’s very very loud chirping
as she flys and sits on a railing to show herself off

hearing a far away grey heron’s deep throated calling
as she eyes her watch

hearing a couple of grey squirrels’ constant shattering
as they run ninety miles over open treetops
Looking across & down from lakeside deck
Looking upwards from lakeside deck