National Poetry Month ~ April

Day Five#

“In certain ways writing is a form of prayer….”  –Denise Levertov

Believe it
You are worth it
Three lines

– j

#NaPoWriMo #amwriting #NaPoMo

Inspired by Garrison Keilor’s today’s Morning Writer’s  Almanac featured poem “No Longer A Teenage” by Gerald Locklin from her book, The Life Force Poems!

my daughter is thirty-four
she is on her own
lives, works & travels on her own
a strong independent woman

who has a most giving heart
easily carries burdens of others
and small acts of kindness are a joy to her

when she laughs it’s contagious
and can bring me to tears
from the sheer joy of it

I want the world for her
a loving husband and family too
blessings and health
and all that is good
a mother’s prayer, God willing

she tells me everyday she loves me
and I tell her that I love her too!

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