A Storm is Coming

Underneath a starry sky
With doctor’s orders for plenty fresh air and sunshine

I sit in my study
Framed by two leaded windows
Overlooking my garden
by moonlight

This night
I sit in a haze
Some kind of time warp
With a jagged mind
Pondering my future

On the window sill
Sits a snow globe
Figurines frozen in time
With their stories only
Told by strangers unmet

As gale winds brings the storm
Closer to my shore
The house shutters are torn off
And the house shakes
As my childhood snow globe
Hits the tiled floor
and shatters into a million pieces in front of my feet

Picking up the pieces
I notice a figurine
of a father and child skating
I cry ~ How can I ever hope to fix these pieces now scattered upon my floor?

Then ~ suddenly the winds stop
And a calm returns to my night
The storm has passed
Time offers a new future ~
Reaching for a sack
I place everything in the trash
And I step outside
To find my North Star

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