Tea For One

14398746187_dce6dff34b_zFixed and stagnant
Rounded out
A hollow shell of what used to be
Disconnected & detached
Feeling stressed out
Hope waning
Human interaction declining
Seeing an old story line

Fear can do us in
Shrinking away from life
Becoming smaller
This feeling just doesn’t go away
Stepping out is a risk
Is there any chance
I’m misreading this?


NYC Time Square

I’m currently on a trip with my daughter, Melissa, and I’m experiencing New York City for the very first time!  As I make my way, I plan on taking time to write. Also, I hope to capture some quick writes of the high energy & fast moving moments!  Join with me as I make another day of my cherished wishes come true!


A city still standing with heavy loss
Four corners held in shining beacons
Peoples’ perished here
Now they go on living here
Celebrating by being free

Muslims Hindus Jews
Catholics Protestants Everyday Saints
All Americans
Rugged individualism of the few
Bound together

Really America needs New York
It’s America’s heart & soul
Where we are Everyman
And Everyman is one family
This original American Dream



Lady Frost


Lady Frost
Give me your name
You are a winter wonder
Are you here to stay?

Where shadows lay
You paint a fairyland
In white ice-crystals
Building mighty cities aglow

Give me a story
Freshly told . . .
Lady Frost
Where did you go
When the morning’s sun rose?

You played outside
And sung outloud
Such a sweet sweet melody
But it was the shortest song!

Dancing upon every curve
Turning in each circle drive
Carving out new stories
In brand new ways

Every edge covered
Each moment
Played in
Three-quarter time

Refreshed and reimagined . . .

Here and then gone
Traveling to other worlds
A story unfolding
Just for you and me
To see