Village on the Lakes Writers and Poets


We hope you join our local group of writers in the Bella Vista Area – Village on the Lakes Writers & Poets!

Readers and Authors Workshop meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 11:00 to 12:00 at the ARC.   In addition, we sponsor a 2nd Saturday Speaker Series and Open-Mic Night held at the Artist Retreat Center in Bella Vista, AR from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Our Featured Author for Saturday, October 10th is Madison Woods, Ozark Wild Herbalist and Writer, Author of four books including – American Ginseng & Companions, from Kingston, AR.  She has spoken at the Compton Gardens and actively participates in local Farmer Markets.

If interested in joining the writers group, contact Joanie Roberts at bvvillagewriters@gmail.com



Good morning from the lakeside deck

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~
Aww . . . this cool dawn with a fall breeze around me and blowing as it may both coming & going between it’s pausing.

My morning write ~
Almost mid-September when the earth shifts yet again between daylight & dark.
There is a sudden rush to harvest-out everything we can possibly squeeze into our day! So good luck in sweet endeavors as we fall into our mighty harvest day ~image


Good Morning from the Lakeside deck~

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~ a mighty chilled morning at 51 degrees!  Oh my, I think I will officially declare FALL DAYS are here!

Sitting out on the deck all wrapped up in my momma’s handmade blanket & watching my hummingbirds tell me a good morning. image image

My morning write ~

Fog rising
In great waves
Upward to heaven

Cold crisp air
Ready or not

Sounds carried away
Leaving but you & I
On this water


Good morning from the lakeside deck~

First wave of Fall this week!  This morning it is a low 69 degrees and only expected to get to 81 today!

Here’s a photo I took while sitting in a park reading Harper Lee’s new book ~ Go Set A Watchman!  a great read by the way highly recommend.image

Acorn holes!

Sitting on a bench
A fallen acorn