imageGood morning from the lakeside deck ~

82 degrees already this morning ~
Looks like we will have our first real summer time weekend!

Hoping to buy some flowers this weekend. There has been so much rain I haven’t ev en been able to hang a basket!😎.

My decks look abandoned!

My writing today ~
Taking roots
Sunshine & water
Living forward

2 thoughts on “Rootballs”

  1. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks planting, freeing up those roots so that they can take hold…just like writing! We’ve finally had a small amount of rain (Nevada) but it’s not putting a dent in 4 years of drought…and of course it came when I needed to work in the garden. Thanks for your support, Joanie.


    1. Victoria, Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me such a wonderful note!! Sounds like you are way ahead of me ~ hoping your Nevada summer moderates for you. Here’s to a wonderful growing season & new beginnings!
      Take good care ~joanie


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