imageWriting notes ~ shared with @dVerse #Open Link Night

Sometimes ~
We forget how far we have come
Over every ordinary obstacle
Through the muck of full-time living

Pulling ourselves out over & beyond
More than what we could have ever
Dreamed possible

Places uncomfortably discovered
When fragile changes into strength
Only in our recovery

28 thoughts on “Recovery”

  1. We often find, are reminded of, personal strengths in places uncomfortably discovered. We learn with every step we take.
    Anna :o]


    1. Hi Victoria ~ thank you for taking time to visit! So very true sometimes we never understand until it is over!


    1. Thank you Bjorn for stopping in & extra thanks for taking time to comment. I love the willow image ~ yes ~ in most things we don’t know our own fortitude & faith!


  2. when fragile changes into strength… the path we walk leaves its imprints and def. makes us strong as well and having mastered difficult passages is a reason to be proud and thankful


    1. Hello Claudia my friend ~ so very nice of you to stop in! Thanks
      Yes ~ character is built in times as these and we become more than who we were.

      Have a great week Claudia!


    1. Thank you for visiting & taking your time to comment. I agree & perhaps, really it is the most valuable thing we gain ~ the strength to know we can surely make it through this life!


  3. Excellent. True. Simple but full of insights one can only get when in the process of recovering from something….The last stanza is exceptional. I read it on its own thrice and was triply pleased.


    1. Thanks so much & I am so glad you enjoyed the reading. You are so kind to visit & share your comments with me. ~thank you!
      thank you! & thank you thrice! 🙂


  4. Strength, like beauty, is an inside job. Powerful bodies sometimes house tiny rodents, & weaker statures can be domicile for lions. Hindsight is 20/20, but regrets can lurk in the shadows of the past.


    1. Hi Glen!
      Nice to see you ~ thank you for stopping in. One truly never knows how one will respond to a crisis ~ and regrets of what was unsaid or not done seem to haunt us the longest.


  5. Sometimes we must be reminded of how far we have come, so that we can remember the road others may be on, right now. And that we can appreciate the journey as well.


    1. Thank you for stopping by & sharing your thoughts too!
      Yes, indeed when we go through tough times we gain insight of how fortunate we actually are.


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