Journal Writing
Eureka Springs, Writer’s Colony

Saturday Morning, September 6

Making a morning cup of tea
Sitting at my writing desk
It is still dark night
A street lamp light
Moves gold through woodland trees
Casting shadows upon shadows

Outside the Peach Blossom Room
A bottom porch of sorts moves you along stairs or around to the front
A beautiful garden hosting bright orange and purple Zina’ blooms
Standing on a ledge a large pot of basil to grace our meals

A soaking Arkansas rain yesterday
Leaving cool mountain air refreshed and muted damp earth smells
The trees still seem to be sleeping too
I listen for any sound – proof that night is turning into day
I hear nothing at first, no bird song, no wrestling of leaves
Then from far back into the woods
I hear tree frogs, beautiful night sounds
Calling their lonesome songs
As they cradle our heads while we sleep
“Hush, my darling, close your eyes and rest”
We still need time to gently summon life to awake once more!

Sunday morning, September 7

A nightlight suddenly has been turned off
The black smoke screen of night
Gives way to twilight’s raising eyebrow
Painting the sky a light pale blue grey
Bathing the day in a holy shroud

I rise early before the dawn
Holding on to sacred spaces in the midnight hour
Before the awakening hour of day
Dairy Hollow
Fills these deep woods with stories yet untold
It is so very quiet, you can hear yourself say, “hush”!

I walk this vibrant path
Stone upon stone
Laid by bare hands upon this sweet earth
Held in a grey misty day
Knowing a moment within my soul
Truth suddenly considered
Connecting mortar
Capturing brightness stolen from the mist
Touched and then worked into something new


I push myself I awake
Before twilight danced upon the sky
Wrapped in a warm blanket from a night’s rest
My cottage door steps right into the hillside
Large grey rain-soaked stones led upstairs and around to front
A second path of grass and earth follows the house around
I need to feel the air . . .
How is the outside?
How is the day?
I have to step out even if it’s just for a while
Listen to sounds & just be part of God’s day!

Sunday afternoon, September 7

Walking down the cobblestone sidewalks
In the middle of shops and streets converging
I quickly get lost into the city
Noticing the sights and sounds of Eureka Springs

Corners are everywhere
Edges softened by the rain
Sitting on a public park bench
Watching others talking and walking by
I say, “I’m not in a hurry”
“Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here”

Monday Night, September 8

Full Moon Over Dairy Hollow

There is a super moon rising
The last one for summer
I’m outside sitting with the moon, Neptune and Pluto too
Taking in the soft hugs from the moon above
Framed by hollow tree bridges lining every roadside curve
The sky only opens when you near the top of the hills
Or climb toward one of the springs
Just at the edge of country wildness
I meet two red foxes as they scurry under the hillside

In a Land O’ Nod and sleepy Ms. Nibbles
Tucked into the hillsides
On Spring Street, Main or the Middle Street
Casa Colina and Stone House sleep before midnight
But the main Lady, Crescent Castle and St. Elizabeth from Hungary
Shine their lights to adorn the night