Across Time

for just awhile
in a moment 
between the doing and undoing of life
thinking of you
I calling across time
reaching near and far
for confirmation
that everything will be alright
wholly held
without knowing
when or even why?


10 thoughts on “Across Time”

  1. Hey Brian thank you for stopping by and for taking time to comment as well! I know the tension between doing what we are responsible for and then doing those things which we just choose to do — consequences of our decisions many times last a life time!
    Thanks again, Joanie


  2. beautiful, beautiful poem and image… and everything is alright, even when it isn't the alright we expected or wanted… this is what I keep learning again and again.


  3. the being wholly held without knowing when or why is such a comforting image… sometimes when we're right in the middle of a storm it's not easy to believe that this day will come… but we know it will..


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