Runaway Time Stops

Sharing with @dVersePoets This Fourth Tuesday of April
During OpenLinkNight Pub

Our souls yearn
For a long reprieve
Times of silence and solitude
In the presence of one another
Where we may escape
Sharing only the now
Instead of days spent in
Planning and worry
Problem solving and the
Perplexities of how’s and why’s
Relishing the sheer
Joy of just being alive
We can pause ~
There shall be a
Forever place
Where we can go
One we can travel to
And   always   find   it   already   there
Just waiting for us to walk
Such a treasure trove
Through open doors
Oh, give me the morning dew
Golden fields of sunshine
And shaded hillsides
One-lane country roads and
Covered bridges
Surrounded   in   wild   lavender   meadows
All stretching free
As far as the eye can see
Do you hear me my dears?
There are such places
Where our spirit touches
The Divine
Within us such a spirit dwells ~
A Love ~ 
A Forever Always!

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