Our Way Station
silver threads lay upon the waters
fallen from a mercury sky
time sheds its damper coat
relinquishing the upcoming winter
oh, for the soft autumn light
playing catch me if you can?
days shorten in spite of our wishes
distined to a mere ten-by-ten
shortened both in width and length
shrinking in numbers and rhymes
are we ready for this Christmas season?
the giving of winter’s gifts
the wrapping of love
around our quilted edges
holding family and dear ones near
walking side-by-side
transvering busy city streets
we stop along the way
small shops and tea cups shared
orange spice tea and cinnamon sticks
peppermint candies and sugar cookies too
all upon angled afternoon sunbeams
fairy princes and fairy princesses for hours
sharing children stories and tales
a lucky token left on merry tables
only a way station away
pushing to pause our holiday
we discover
we are here
together once more