Arkansas SKE Road & A Yellow Stick-up Note

abandoned star
SKE road
only wood and
AR stone remain
like a forgotten movie set

a roadside
on a forgotten road
diverted crisscrossed &
engineered off the map

and for this
weary traveler
at last
the long day’s
shadows fall


5 thoughts on “Arkansas SKE Road & A Yellow Stick-up Note”

  1. My oh my ~ my dear friend Beez~ how so right & beautifully said & heartfelt & true are your words!! Wow! You caught the essence of the place for me ~ I had such a strong rush of emotion ~ sadness really ~ I find that I tend to look for places people have forgotten were even there ~ now invisible to most. Yes ~ growing older & loss of family that I have had this past year. My older sister & my older brother passed 6 months apart ~ out of 9 we are now a family of 4. And unfortunately we are now not very close ~ partly because of so much pain. ~ tragic.
    Thank you dear Beez for always supporting my work & being there for me! You are truly a blessing to me & a dear dear friend. I would hope someday to meet the Great Ms Beez!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


  2. Oh this so stirs emotions feelings of being alone .. the shadow that falls at the end of the day like a blanket to the travellers the persons isolation I think there is often a feeling of humiliation for people who are alone … abandoned .. society places so much meaning on family relationships etc for those who have no connections it can be like a shaming of what already sometimes people feel they are lacking in or what they have or haven't done that makes them solitaire. Anyway here i go raving on over the edge lol I really felt this poem for many many reasons and more it is wonderful how your expression here abandonment the sadness I felt strong.. always b x


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