Open Shutters

Reposted for this Spring Prompt

Nothing but the . . .
First thing this morning 
I open my window shutters
My bedroom fills with light
I pause 
Standing in the middle
Allowing the sunlight hidden
Through this morning’s grey pewter mist 
To surround me
Like gentle 
Butterfly kisses
They flutter through to my heart
And lite upon my soul with delight.

2 thoughts on “Open Shutters”

  1. Joanie, Hi!
    Beginning with the words:

    “…Allowing the sunlight
    To surround me…” and to the ending, “…flutter ..to my heart
    And lite upon my soul with delight.”

    This happens every morning to me, usually at a stoplight, while on my bike I feel the warmth of God Himself, surrounding me.

    Often, the horn of an upset driver gets me on my way!

    Thank you!

    NOTE: Lots of Peeps refuse to comment where author has allowed 'comment moderation'–so much hassle when there are a hundred plus blogs to read and comment. Really no reason for moderating, of course! Hope you don't mind my saying this! OK?


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