An Ozark Afternoon

*Writing Notes
My response writing to driving to a Walgreen’s & picking up my medicines & then continuing my reading of Diane Keaton’s ~ THEN AGAIN ~ (concept by Carson McCullers 1990)

Early-afternoon ~
shadow bumble bee
hidden away from the top
did you get that message
things are changing here
you can feel it pop!
Mid-afternoon ~
summer sings & writes a song~
thistle flowers bloom along a roadside~
in the many stages of you & me~
Late-afternoon ~
open lessons on loving a ‘tree~
discovering a ‘rock~
then meeting up with a ‘cloud~

2 thoughts on “An Ozark Afternoon”

  1. A day begins a life yet to live and the simple beauty: you be witness to it.
    That you take notice, appreciate and enjoy it and are moved to write of it inspires.
    Simple it is . . . and beautiful, too.



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