A Warbler’s Spring Migration

small golden pine warblers
long distance flyers
present for just awhile

built a nest
in our front yard pines
toping fifty feet at best

pine warblers tunes
sweeten the air with hymns
from May to June

first ever
delightful songs
sharp clear & piercing calls

each morning & evening
listening & watching
as they built their home
a most temporary nest

from shared Ozark air
we watched flights in & out
harbors of southern migrations

instincts engrained from old
presented lots more time
to map a northern route
flyways from ancient times
pulsed through genetic memories stirring further north

into lush Canadian byways
summer welcoming
as in so many times before

no regrets & remembering the rest
longer daylight & plentiful bounty
awaits a summer return

meeting on the wing
after a long spring’s flight
only one golden pine warbler
remained now

she chose to stay
signing loud & clear
but finding no mate
moved on

first spring pine warblers
for awhile protected midway
in Ozark forest tree pines
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6 thoughts on “A Warbler’s Spring Migration”

  1. Brian ~ so glad you enjoyed it! . . . smiling back too! The pine warblers are quite the singers ~ crystal clear calls! thanks again for your comments ~ always appreciate you!! Love your work ~ superb! Thanks for all that you do!


  2. just beeUtiful :)) really felt i was there with you watching this wee beauty and listening how amazing life is these wonderful creatures ;)) thankQ for writing and sharing such lovely gentle living words .. always beez x ;))


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