Predators in Wars

A walkway to a new world
An old railroad crossing spans over a river of time
Eroded river banks spill over from
The rush of muddy spring rains
Low water damn
Water arising
Standing guard upon village walls
And blocks of concrete piers
Among moats of stacked circles
A man-made castle upon mountain ledges~
Gander stands on high
Keeping watch
Protecting his kingdom
Overlooking the flows below
Goose lays upon her throne
Warming & nestling her
Hidden brood
Raising the ducklings
Heirs to the throne
Homes built on ledges
Among the torrents of rapids
Predators in wars for territory
I question young raised
Along side such threats
Survival of the fittest ~
But for the casualties of war
Mighty life
Still claims
The spoils of war . . .
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12 thoughts on “Predators in Wars”

  1. This struggle for survival is very vividly drawn, and you have very nicely captured the sense of peril and struggle that occurs in nature. It can be terrible, but your concern shines thru in this. Your objectivity too is clear and refreshing.


  2. Claudia thanks for taking your time to read my words & to reply ~ so appreciated! I love your comments about how seeing often leads to how we are feeling! So very true ~ invisibility only happens when we don't take the time to look or to listen ~


  3. Thank you for reading and taking time to reply. Glad you enjoyed it. My visit to the river that day was to enjoy the waters & then I noticed the pair of geese who were trapped in the high waters! Sometimes I believe our world is trapped in endless wars~ unnecessary man made war


  4. Thank you do much for your read/visit~ I appreciate your insight moving through time to our future with hope! Our country should not be at war! Hopefully our future for our planet will someday be one of peace ~


  5. Not only do wars span our globe – as you imply, they span time. Travel in a time machine as far back as you can imagine, and the contestation of territory remains the same. One can only hope that if you travel in time forward, there will be a point at which war will be obsolete. One can only hope.


  6. Brian, thank you reading my words and yes, I totally agree. . .
    I hate war and wish we had NONE – – not anywhere! When I originally wrote this I was focused on my view before me but then began to think upon the wars that surround us all!
    Thanks for noticing some of my word plays too —
    smiling back! 🙂


  7. there are far too many that fall vicitm tot he wars in our world, whether they are on the battlefield or for our own kingdoms….wars can jade one that grows up in it…temper their steel a bit to hard edge….really some interesting turns in this one…and damn as opposed to dam, smiles…


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