May Day Flower Baskets

May day
May flowers
May day flower baskets
May roses
In every color & hue
Color ribbons wrapped around
Our May pole
Singing all the while
Go over & go under
Singing a song of mirth
Long forgotten but
Transported back
To my childhood days ~~
May day flower baskets
Hand gathered flowers
Backyard garden roses
Hand drawn crayon notes
My sister & I
Jumping over our mother-in-law’s
WPA sidewalk cracks
As to not break her back!
Trying to muffle our laughter
Running up on front porches
Small hand knocks &
Quite door bells ring
Alerting our neighbors
Through their front doors
Hanging flower baskets
Dropping off labored gifts
May day flower baskets
Given up in joy & simple smiles
Not wanting to be discovered
Our May Day secrets kept!

My OpenLink Night
posting for
Diverse Poets Pub
Please join us.

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