Just a thought,
do I want to live in this world?
from here to there
and the in-between

as shadowleaves
fill these walls inside
this old homestead
pouring in the new day’s light
and it’s dark reflections

only momentarily
existing in the betweenness ~
between the world and me

this invisible pain
stands firm
strong and resolute
anchored in concrete

as it’s many roads travel directly to me
finding every place unraveled

yet, it is here
a constant
even though mostly
hidden from view
like a glacier
only seen on top
of an ocean’s bow

I carry this pain ~

as it becomes
part of who I am
this rising tide
sometimes held at bay

in check,
moored along the shores
where it still lives

while I desperately
plead for a respite
where I can travel
far away

living with pain
as an unwelcome house guest
a guest who wants to stay
and refuses to go

I find myself halted and separated from this world
I’m asking myself, do I?

and the answer for today,
at this moment
for now, truly
I can say . . .

“Yes, I choose life!”

I am alive
I know love
I know joy

I’m committed
to change the game
finding how to move on
in this pain