We got snow! 
A gloriously bright sunshine
Greeted us for the afternoon
Even though it was bitter cold

White on green and
white covering the ground
all made new in in-roads
To here and there

lounging in the trees
Some Sun bathing
Some not

Jeffry ~ a good neighborhood squirrel
grabbed some peanuts
and scurried to the trees

Where he took up his usual residency in his favorite recliner chair
Then lavishly went to work nibbling away on one single peanut

So we made a plan
to just check and see which kind of grub he would grab

We laid out in primary colors, ~
red, orange & green
gummy worms
upon a trail of white snow across a tree branch byway

Now waiting 1,- 2, -3!
No takers
No one?

Went back and checked again
Not one worm taken
Jeffry had voted
By not showing up

We got snow!
A magic snow
That came out to play ~

Jeffry in his recliner chair nibbling on peanut
Curious but hesitant
Gummy worm trail