Please don’t worry 
the earth is still here
and wind and sky
wait for us

this indigo sky on a clear starry night gives way to a gentle dawn
held in a whisper blue
in a silken sunrise
light bearers overhead
create an ever changing kaleidoscope!

colors like ~
carilion bluegrass
berry plum
and flamingo pinks
mixed hues & colors
flowing like a beautiful new scarf placed over my head
quietly folding
into the curves of my day

I can see the end of day
rich golden light now shines
upon Lake Ann’s shorelines
and velvet golden shelves
frozen in limestone ledges
as light fills the tops of the hills in grand golden swaths of fire

the light keeps moving west
and falls into shadows
echoing back
to a honeydew sun
as evening light filters through these woodland hills

meet me on the rise
and in twilight
I emerge
as I rise
to my day refreshed in silent prayer
while the world sleeps
yet never still