God’s green earth
crystal blue skies, air & water
teaming life
Earth, one lone blue planet~

Sacred rights
Fragil life
riding high on monarch fly-ways
Finding butterfly wings
with no home to go to
Mountain tops bull dozed off
Earth protectors gone missing

Sacred life
once revered and kept
tossed away with abandon
Out of sight out of mind
In an instant it seems
Alarm ~
A canary in a coal mine?
~ now gone ~
Do we even notice?

No purity of water, air or land
Plastics choke the oceans
Toxins invade waterways
Poisons strip lands
Species after species dying
Yet ~ we act as if ~
we are not to blame?
can we change it?

threshold ~ a tipping point of no return ~

journey ~ surely meant to make ~

Guardians of God’s green earth
unbelievable beauty
care-givers of this gracious gift!

Human kind
responsible for each other
Called to be stewards of this life

Protecting air, water & land that makes life here even possible

Will we work together to solve extreme environmental problems facing our world before it is too late?

Will we step toward our journey ~ doing what it will take to change the course?

To preserve earth for future generations ~

What will our children find?
How will our children survive?
Will they inherit a legacy of care or abandonment?

Can we imagine?
Can we imagine our future?
Can we imagine earth free again?