Good morning wishing you a soft morning!
I use my lakeside deck time as a place for solisce and prayer. ~writing notes

i welcome these
northernly breezes
as they bid me
a honey dew morning hello

i’m out and about
walking under my sky dome
with my day’s best friend, Sky Wind

i’m here
high up in the trees
where Ozark mountain ridge tops
sit in honey glazed
apricot orange sunlight
as it filters in-between
the mighty
lush greens
of Lake Ann’s
woodland forests

i sit here
upon dark brown
aged and scared
hard oakwoods
held here
in this spot
by hopeful prayer ~

i ask
for a gentle
and soft kind of day
where pain subsides
and lavish hope
is rekindled
where energy
is left to spare
and for this
one day’s
summer sunset
to find a holy reprieve