Death, Prayer, Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night



A young nation mourns
While hatred kills again
Evil raises its ugly head
Our unceasing prayers cry out loud

Surrounded by heavy hearts
We ask God for His strength
His unwavering love
For those who died and their families

Our souls openly weep
In the streets
Of every town
We stand side-by-side
Held by
His tender mercy and grace

Today ~
Now at this moment
And in this time
We stand
Against all evil

Let the power of prayer
Become our strength,
Our treasure, our healing
God’s embrace

All life matters
We stand
Together hand-and-hand

We hold
Onto mercy and love
God’s assurance

Our cries are heard
And we are never alone!

When no reason can ever explain
These retched days of killing innocents
Where did we go so wrong? . . . .senseless

Shared with @dversepoets #OpenLinkNight #PoetsPub #CharlestonStrong

28 thoughts on “#CharlestonStrong”

  1. Yes, powerfully and soulfully put. It must have taken a lot of courage and resolve for President Obama to speak out about the desperate need for gun regulation in the US. Although I am not sure how one could physically gather up many of the 300million guns and more in the country.

    I felt desperately sorry for all involved, including the deranged young man who must be so consumed with fear, rage and distorted beliefs.

    These shocking tragedies simply do not happen anywhere else in the developed world with such horrifying regularity. They are rare and exceptional events, and in some countries just never happen, everywhere but the US.

    I remember reading recently, four people an hour die in the US because of guns, one of them a child and even more are hospitalised. If anything else was killing 24 children a day something would be done. Let’s hope something can be done.

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  2. Deep sadness descends like a deathly blood mist; excellent tribute & prayer poem; one point to share though–the plural of slay is just slain(no ed on it). I get botched up by bear(s).

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    1. Glen my friend thank you for stopping by and for your edit. I took another look & had several errors ~ I stand corrected! With appreciation ~joanie


  3. There is so much sadness today! One more senseless hate killing by a young man whose father gave him a gun for his 21st birthday. I am so sorry for the families of the people who were lost as they bowed in prayer.

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    1. Thank you Mary. So very true . . . I wish we had the political courage to do something about easy gun ownership and carrying guns without a permit!


    1. Thanks Gabriella for comments. It does leave us in shock and just unable to move — it’s stops me in my tracks. I can keep praying for those families.
      I do believe in the power of prayer.


  4. All life does matter.
    Sadly, we are human and have shown from the beginning of time our value on life is not that strong. It is senseless. But in the wake of it, he is the only peace possible.

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      1. That was truly horrible. I lost several young folk who were applying for the engineer-in-training exam. One of the young men went to my church. It was so horrible to be so close to some of those kids and to people who worked in the building.

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    1. Thank you X for stopping in. I just can’t believe that it’s just because the beginning of time we have always had death and wars. This can be changed as it takes all of us to make it so. Just my prayer for hope!


    1. Thank you Sanaa. It is such a hard day. I could hardly watch the news throughout the day — so unbelievably sad. I just offer a prayer as a reponse to my overwhelming sadness.


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