Peace Be With You


Good morning from the lakeside ~ A little cooler this morning but expect 92 as a high! A morning haze hangs over Lake Ann.

In the early morning breeze
Shadows move ever so slightly
Spinning new lace curtains
Across the oak branches
In between
Then in and out
Through the tree tops that
Meet me in this Ozark tree-house

Peace tucks itself around me
Promising my heart a reprieve
From worry and fear
Unburdens my heart
To my dismay
In hope of God’s glorious day

3 thoughts on “Peace Be With You”

  1. Your poetry always leaves me with peace and a sense that amongst all the madness that keeps growing like noxious weeds will also have the pertentual to be seen as the beauty of blooms if one just keeps hope and faith regardless of belief in religious symbol representations that are as I believed taught Having faith belief hope for me comes from a different place that’s like a seed planted within us all beings and we are here in this life form to grow love in care healthy with kindness in thought of equality
    This poem makes me think of all such things as does I find all your writings They have such balance harmony towards and for life ThankYou for always being the kind heart you are n give to me and all here in this space of connection 💛🐝Chey x

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