Out the Door

There goes running Allegra out the front door
Her mother yells ~
“Close that door! Were you raised in a barn?”
Laughing Allegra yells back ~
Not in a barn
Not on a farm
Who gives a darn!
Not even for a song
Not even for a yarn
I say ~
No harm
No foul!


Writing prompt by dVerse Poetics~

My morning’s writing for dVerse Poetics prompt using idioms in a fun and different way!

Catachresis originally come from greek (κατάχρησις) and means abuse. When used as a literary device, we misuse the language for literary effect. For instance when E.E. Cummings writes:

the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses  ~  nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

Cummings uses the illogical connection between voice and eyes and between the hands and rain. 

11 thoughts on “Out the Door”

    1. Thank you Bjorn for a delightful and playful prompt today! And thanks for stopping by ~ gratitude!


  1. Allegra seems to be a bit of a smart Alec (wonder where that saying came from?). I strained a bit to find the prompt parameters here, but loved the levity.


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