Uneven Sight

For dVerse Pub Poetics we were asked by Shanyn Silinski from the Canadian Prairies: “I would like you, my poets dear, to imagine your words as seeds. Can we really grow change or awareness? Can our words be a warning or wake-up call? Maybe what we are growing is intimacy, a poem meant for an audience of one. Or perhaps it is prayerful and seeks the Divine? I have a few poems that have gone around which shook people up and inspired others. Some were written with a degree of ‘in the moment’ heat and others were carefully crafted for a reaction from a certain audience.  Each one ‘seeded’ into ground – will it come up? Will it wither away? Be a bumper crop or a sticky weed?”

a folded rock
turned up on end
edged toward the daylight
even in uneven times
where climates collide

I stand
as a mountain undone

a stable eon ride
nourished by ice
frozen flows of
many rivers
where oceans once roamed

I dance
upon this rock strewn stage

an invisible black sky
caught in a mighty curtain
sky winds bellowing
not bending one uneven fold

I imagine
unwavering rock solid

sandstone to granite
granite to marble
marble to diamonds
hard as ice
breathing still

I shed
my outer layers

my core revealed uneven, jagged
elements of fire, earth, wind, & water
held together by life’s spirit
laid open for all to see,
not invisible for those who still see

9 thoughts on “Uneven Sight”

    1. Hello Claudia! Thank you for reading and commenting today. Always great to hear from others too — yep, we all carry around both really. . . not necessarily independent of one or the other! Have a great rest of the week. -joanie


  1. Joan this is really outstand, imo. Great metaphor. I particularly like progresstion from sandstone to the hardest diamond, and you final lines:

    my core revealed uneven, jagged
    elements of fire, earth, wind, & water
    held together by life’s spirit
    laid open for all to see,


    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. So glad you enjoyed it.
      Somehow we are all carrying hidden strengths we haven’t even thought were within us!


    1. Thank you Brian for your reading and comments! A great prompt that had me feeling a broad spectrum of emotions last night!


  2. I think you mean Shanyn?
    I like the way you divide the poems into these 2 categories. It was a degree of ‘in the moment’ heat for me today, so I know what you mean.
    And yes, the outcome reaction is hard to gauge or anticipate.


    1. Yes, my mistake Shanyn! I so apologize, Joe sent me a message. Thank you for such an inspiring prompt today — actually read it about 1:00 am and couldn’t stop thinking about it — lots of feelings imerged! Again thanks Shanyn!


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