For dVerse Pub Poetics we were asked by Shanyn Silinski from the Canadian Prairies: “I would like you, my poets dear, to imagine your words as seeds. Can we really grow change or awareness? Can our words be a warning or wake-up call? Maybe what we are growing is intimacy, a poem meant for an audience of one. Or perhaps it is prayerful and seeks the Divine? I have a few poems that have gone around which shook people up and inspired others. Some were written with a degree of ‘in the moment’ heat and others were carefully crafted for a reaction from a certain audience.  Each one ‘seeded’ into ground – will it come up? Will it wither away? Be a bumper crop or a sticky weed?”

a folded rock
turned up on end
edged toward the daylight
even in uneven times
where climates collide

I stand
as a mountain undone

a stable eon ride
nourished by ice
frozen flows of
many rivers
where oceans once roamed

I dance
upon this rock strewn stage

an invisible black sky
caught in a mighty curtain
sky winds bellowing
not bending one uneven fold

I imagine
unwavering rock solid

sandstone to granite
granite to marble
marble to diamonds
hard as ice
breathing still

I shed
my outer layers

my core revealed uneven, jagged
elements of fire, earth, wind, & water
held together by life’s spirit
laid open for all to see,
not invisible for those who still see