The Haunting of the Lake House
Written this last Tuesday of the month of October
For @dVersePoets #OpenLinkNight
October 30, 2012

I walk among these my woods

My sweet Ozark Mountain hills
Towering over my landscape
Building a new sky dome

It ‘s cold and wet

This early autumn morn
Patches of fog lift over Lake Ann
Faces stare pass me

Morning’s calls of red-capped Pileated Woodpeckers

Carving out the veins for fresh Ravens’ desire

Good morning my dear, my dear
Are you alone today?

The lake waters stop mid-way
As waters depart over the dam
Traces of nightmares
Sure what my confinement exaggerates

Upon these standing walls
For over thirty years
Shadows play within and dance
Upon my walled possessions
Musical movements in light
Plays streaming across the night
No wallpaper found here
Only walls of yellowed-paint
My lakeside room framed
By massive oak beams
Cross the entire course of ceiling
From eye to beam to beam
Shadows wait in the high corners
Waiting for me to respond
To know
To perhaps finally sleep
Among the fairy dust
Upon these Ozark Mountain hills
And shadowed walls
Do you care today?
These hallowed views of floating faces
A six-year-old blond curly-haired girl
Standing bemused framed by a window
As other spirits join in her dance
Through an open doorway of a darkened room
Standing and then moving through
White lights and clusters find
Orbs floating by
A strange writing upon my walls
These ghostly images
And hauntings
Like mirages
They weave in and out
As my third-eye dwells
Trapped by ceiling lights
And shadowed walls
Mere reflections of captured spirits
Playful during this morning’s light
Ceiling faces tumble with ease
Over my heart
Reaching for my soul
Longing whispers
Light and shadows
I plunge into unknown dreams
Then I awaken
By the sheer depth of time
I sit here
Surrounded by insanity
My dwelling falls into
A deep denial
Are you only keeping life at bay?
Waiting, waiting, waiting . . .