Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night

Through the Open Door

 Written for this Second Tuesday of October

#OpenLinkNight @dVersePoets

Through “The Open Door” 
Meridieene’ French Dessert Salon & Cafe
112 South First Street
Rogers, AR
your new one word storyline
reveals a secret
hidden among the roses 
red bleeding from night thorns
your wishes shattered 
where rivers flow against the shores
I dream of you
 regardless of what you say
it’s only a rainy day 
a quiet time in October . . .
aloft in my dreams
where deadly day-fires’ grow
your pulse lingers in the wind 
    will I follow . . .
through the open door
over looked moments unspent
among our restless souls
my true love knows no limits
unless you are free
to be

The Open Door
Darrell Scott’s Music, Scotland

17 thoughts on “Through the Open Door”

  1. Oh, Ms Beez – so glad you visited! I so appreciate your kind words for my poem. I guess it is different from other things that I have written – sometimes a poem just comes to me from my life experiences. And, yes I think you got the message loud & clear — one can still dream that love could be reciprocal! The hesitation is there as to trusting the other person to really love you and stand by you no matter what. To love someone deeply — well, now here I go again! 🙂
    Thank you Beez! -wishing you a grand hugs & warm smiles for your day!


  2. wow .. 😉 no matter what you say.. hmmm I understand this as even though love doesn't flow from the other party like your own for them .. one will still dream this could be so… there fore you are hesitant to walk through that door being there is a problem with the language of love between the two party's .. have I made sense here lol I know what i mean and I know how i have read this to be … lol BUT I dont' think I have expressed this in the easiest of narrative ! Well who cares lol how i read this poetry It is after all that I think one of the most beautiful and seems very different to me from the other poems you have written .. :*) always beez x


  3. A beautifully constructed piece, Joanie…and the meaning of love…that no matter what transpires…love is the power, the engine that keeps us moving and meaningful. I love this write!


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