What about love?
Being loved
Feeling safe
Knowing loyalty
Who doesn’t leave your side
Who will be there for you
No matter what you go through
No matter what
And Forever

You say you’re moving on
Don’t tell me to stay behind
‘In love’ never lasts ~~

A ”mature love” is suppose to
Be Patient.
Care about each other.
Working through hard times.
Steadfast no matter what.
Does not abandon you.

Can we change?
To be an ‘us’
What makes you happy?
What do I mean to you?
How do we work through our differences?
How do we honor the other person in our lives?
How do we deal
with hurt & anger?

Can I be happy?
Are you happy?
Can we recapture
what was and make it
what will be?

Are we really free?

2 thoughts on “Crossroads”

  1. Love your poem of questions answers I agree agree with all you have expressed here and so many will relate to this a wonderful heartfelt honest display of truths in poetry always with Love beez :))


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