Summer in Paris


Take me dear to an American movie
Where I can dream of ‘Midnight in Paris’
Acceptance among the glitter chic
Finding a jeweled embrace
Adoration from culture and grace
A French conversion
A story told into early morning
Of Hemingway and Gillhorn
Enjoying friends with sips of
Whisky & rye
Meandering open air markets
Built on cobblestone streets
Fishermen jostle down the quays
Providing a fresh catch of the day
In full view of the river Les Seine
Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Great Gatsby’
Moments effortlessly penned
Told and retold in lyrical lines
Dancing in Guinguette Great Hall
And waking in foreign places
Playing a part
In some unknown Picasso
Being his muse of  ‘proverb poetry’
Captured in lost cubic collages of poverty
And new Paris streets
I find only you and me
Amongst the streets of Paris
Through open air sidewalk cafes
Underneath river lamp posts
Across the Pont des Arts Bridge
Seine River flowing along a moonlit night
There strolling arm & arm
Singing to a Cole Porter’s piano song
     ~ “Let’s Fall in Love” ~
When will we have our Paris summer?

6 thoughts on “Summer in Paris”

  1. i haven't seen midnight in paris so far but have heard about it and def. want to see it as well.. i love how you paint the atmosphere here..also the mentioning of hemingway and picasso…paris attracted and brought forth many great artists


  2. oy i so want my moment in paris..a summer, a weekend…a day at this point….but i so love romanticizing what it will be like…love your imagery, it plays right into those dreams…


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