Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

My nephew Hughie & his wife Diane are with us this week! It is such a blessing to have them here. Feels like a home coming ~ we are only five years apart and Hugh is more like a brother than my nephew. We grew up together in our formative years and share so many childhood experiences! I’m so thankful for him and Diane coming!

You know that moment
When you hear the laughter
Yes, the same exact childhood joy
When every moment seems to be filled
With whole hearted laughter

And now
Our past years simply melt away
We find ourselves suddenly aware
We are both here now
Standing together in the kitchen
Doing the supper dishes
Once again

This morning’s write ~
My eyes meet
A Red sky morning
Soft blue haze hangs over the cove
And Two Ravens answer calls
I sit on my morning deck
Sipping morning in


Morning Delight

Let my eyes see
In beauty & stillness lay
Fresh & new once again
To know you are with me

The morning is full of vapors
Like an old sunken ship
Lost at sea

Soft summer sun peaks over
The Ozark mountain ridge
And dapples through the oaks

Pouring down into the cove
Carrying ~ forever shadowleaves
By the arm full

As I gather each and every one
And lay them into my lap
With morning smiles and joy

Morning glides into my day
Soft ~ but fully emerging
Changing ~ everything

It touches . . . Even me


Spirals Sounding

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

i live out on a small slice of Lake Ann
where morning sun is held by mountain ridges
surrounded by still lake waters

i awake before dawn
in early morning’s summer chill
my spirit submersed into one
nature surrounds me

i hear sounds of nature’s immense calling
in the rising and ebbing of fog spirals stretching skyward
drifting up from the tip-tops
of calm tree-shadowed waters

i sit here immersed in earth’s
grand day’s awakening
until our morning sun
meets the far rocky bluffs

where swallows
dive in and out
of small sandstone crevices

by the Great Blue Heron
sitting alone on the uncovered dock


Honey Dews

Good morning wishing you a soft morning!
I use my lakeside deck time as a place for solisce and prayer. ~writing notes

i welcome these
northernly breezes
as they bid me
a honey dew morning hello

i’m out and about
walking under my sky dome
with my day’s best friend, Sky Wind

i’m here
high up in the trees
where Ozark mountain ridge tops
sit in honey glazed
apricot orange sunlight
as it filters in-between
the mighty
lush greens
of Lake Ann’s
woodland forests

i sit here
upon dark brown
aged and scared
held here
in this spot
by hopeful prayer ~

i ask
for a gentle
and soft kind of day
where pain subsides
and lavish hope
is rekindled
where energy
is left to spare
and for this
one day’s
summer sunset
to find a holy reprieve



A young nation mourns
While hatred kills again
Evil raises its ugly head
Our unceasing prayers cry out loud

Surrounded by heavy hearts
We ask God for His strength
His unwavering love
For those who died and their families

Our souls openly weep
In the streets
Of every town
We stand side-by-side
Held by
His tender mercy and grace

Today ~
Now at this moment
And in this time
We stand
Against all evil

Let the power of prayer
Become our strength,
Our treasure, our healing
God’s embrace

All life matters
We stand
Together hand-and-hand

We hold
Onto mercy and love
God’s assurance

Our cries are heard
And we are never alone!

When no reason can ever explain
These retched days of killing innocents
Where did we go so wrong? . . . .senseless

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100th Anniversary

Bella Vista is celebrating their 100th Anniversary May 2015 throughout this year!  If you haven’t made a trip to our local Historic Murseum you should!! Awesome addition, wonderful docents and super displays.

A must visit ~ Well worth your time!

Henry Clifford Fellow
“Uncle Henry”

Bella Vista AR Poet Laureate 1930s





Peace Be With You


Good morning from the lakeside ~ A little cooler this morning but expect 92 as a high! A morning haze hangs over Lake Ann.

In the early morning breeze
Shadows move ever so slightly
Spinning new lace curtains
Across the oak branches
In between
Then in and out
Through the tree tops that
Meet me in this Ozark tree-house

Peace tucks itself around me
Promising my heart a reprieve
From worry and fear
Unburdens my heart
To my dismay
In hope of God’s glorious day

Morning Days

  Good morning from the lakeside deck ~ 82 degrees~ Going to be hottest day so far this year & high humidity! Stay COOL

Where are you?
Gone are the days when we sat
Comfortably in our deck chairs
And listened to the morning songs
Now I remember you
You and I
Left the blue birds to sing their songs
Even when we are gone

Local Poets and Writers Group

Writers Group — A Call to Action

I am very interested in getting a local group of Poets and Writers started in the Bella Vista Area!

My idea is to meet twice a month:  one meeting as an Open-Mic Night and Author presentations & book signings and then a second meeting for a Readers Group where we would share and edit our writing for possible publication.

If you are interested in helping getting such a group started, please reply and I can forward you contact information.

Forever Green

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~ Enjoy your Sunday!

Humid & hot early summer day!
I really am thankful that our long winter is over ~

My morning write ~

my forever green
being present for this God’s day
cherished emerald moments