Theophilus’s Garden

I am drawn outdoors today
It’s a rounded kind of morning
Full of spring circle migrations
Smoothing out edges
Healing to my quick turn days
Just folded for an uninterrupted rest

Lavender peonies stand and wave me by
Yellow warblers high in the piney woods sing me their love
Roadside summer daisies show themselves
Smiling white crowned faces in bright yellow ribbon hats
Telling me even though it’s not quite summer yet
Everything will be graced by this day

When was the last time I sat alone and rested my eyes?
Allowing sunlight to shine through closed eyelids
And listening to sky winds traveling across the cove
Carried in high tree tops
As they work their way down ancient paths
Where earthen red changes to forever green

Sunlight filters through dark leaves
Layering the day like some new world immersion
Turning shadows inside out
Painting the day with a delicate brush
Ever flowing through this sky home
Bathing my soul as I await in scared pause

Writing Notes: Theophilus – – – “the name “θεόφιλος” (“Theophilos”), as it appears therein, means friend of God[1] or (be)loved by God or loving God[2] in the Greek language.  Its origin is the Greek word Θεόφιλος from θεός (God) and φιλία (love or affection) can be translated as “Love of God” or “Friend of God”, i.e., it is a theophoric name, synonymous with the name Amadeus which originates from Latin.”  Wikipedia Search

Out the Door

There goes running Allegra out the front door
Her mother yells ~
“Close that door! Were you raised in a barn?”
Laughing Allegra yells back ~
Not in a barn
Not on a farm
Who gives a darn!
Not even for a song
Not even for a yarn
I say ~
No harm
No foul!


Writing prompt by dVerse Poetics~

My morning’s writing for dVerse Poetics prompt using idioms in a fun and different way!

Catachresis originally come from greek (κατάχρησις) and means abuse. When used as a literary device, we misuse the language for literary effect. For instance when E.E. Cummings writes:

the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses  ~  nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

Cummings uses the illogical connection between voice and eyes and between the hands and rain. 

Bella Vista Ozark Poets from the Past

I finally stopped by our local Historical Museum along Highway 71.

What a delightful surprise!  There was so much history to see and read here.  It was extremely well organized by the different periods of development.

One of the accounts, I loved reading about was concerning the writers from here.  There was even an official Poet Laureate of Bella Vista.

I plan on researching these ~ my photos are from their displays.  If you haven’t made time to visit yet, you surely are missing a great opportunity to see why Bella Vista is a shared treasure!


Top of the Morning

I awaken

Upon this morning’s rise
Sky dancing
In morning glory blues
And fields of lavender pinks
Peers of Aqua marine patches 
Melt away
Through stone bluffs 
And woodland trees
I hear
A lone blue heron’s call
Followed by 
A rushing raven’s
Fly away
And a small tree peeper’s cheer
I feel
The grey pewter waters below 
Holding its bare blackened forest
With this night’s thick dampness 
My earth responds
Back to me
In a sweet cold calm

Moon Beams

Where is heaven ~
Who knows better than me
I see heaven in you
As heaven bends down to earth
Lingering in brilliant shining moments
Free at last
Stay awhile ~
I wrap my arms around you
I whisper of surrounding love
A heart prayer to hold you
Longer than forever
Stay with me ~
Stay a while
Stay by the day’s moon light
Stay by the night’s new moon
Stay with me
White magnolia blossom ~
I’ll dance for you
I’ll sing a song for you
Laying to rest
High on the hill
Under the magnolia
blossom tree …


I trouble you not

Laying out bare my soul
Lapped by layers of
Wind & sky
Clouds sit on my horizon
Still grey
Stalled unheard
The cove lapps the stone bluffs
Ice points sharply down
Entering the cold waters below

Mined Diamonds ~ A Reunion

I’m grateful for that
My sisters, brothers, mother and father sought
I know you better now in sunlight
Graced by unbridled prayer and thought

Even in the coldest winter night
Our collected wings take flight
Bound together in our daily living
Stories told and retold by firelight

Sparks fly in new memories staying
Fresh footprints in our making
Families coming together
Exchange diamonds now shining

Times shared even in the coldest weather
History built with no sorrow together
Walking among hallowed roots tethered
To fields of ancient Irish heather


Winter Sky Winds

Feb 7, 2015

wind plumes fan out over Lake Ann
sparkling waters move
from south to north up the cove
creating an unending flow
unfrozen and stretching out

doors and windows wide open
come spirit winds
set me free

today is a turtle day
soft sides and hard backs
I lay my belly
in warm sunlight
soaking in the warmth
for long winter days

warm gulf sky winds
howled through the highland oaks
over the ozark ridge
traveling to someone’s home
and greeted as a hero