Sweet Winter

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It’s winter time on the lake
Yet I can clearly see a promised day
I step through an open door
Onto a single level path
Pointing my way
Nothing impedes a leisurely walk
No steps to climb up or down
I can see a beautiful courtyard
Blue skies and golden sunshine
Crepe Myrtle blossoms and
Magnolias sweet
Open and free

Now Available – Penelope to Her Husband


Penelope Cover

Do you love fantasy and stories rich in texture? (And really who doesn’t?) Are you charmed by the idea of mythological creatures and hearing the sound of dragon wings in the air?

Well, here is the book for you! Penelope to Her Husband is filled with poems for everyone who dreamed of elves and knights, dragons and hobbits and all things magic. A book of poems opening onto worlds of gods and goddesses, naiads and gnomes, and strange characters dancing in the moonlight.

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Or you can purchase them here. If you purchase directly from me, please email kathleengeverett@gmail.com , letting me know which volume you wish to purchase. And if you would like me to sign the book, the name of the person I will be signing it for.
Just use these Paypal links ( yes, they are supposed to appear as…

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I Walk Sideways


When cracks appear
And in an instant life changes
Everything changes ~

My heart casts about in shadow
And I feel the slow crevices of time
Life begins to whittle me down ~

I walk sideways

I step through an open door
Into a single courtyard
No climbing up or down
Just even keeled ~

On the slope
I now walk sideways

Instead of walking in the center
Where it is most steep
I follow what I can
Right along the edges

I walk to meet
A friend’s heart
To share a moment
In simple laughter
Where we find
Strength for another day ~

I walk sideways

Underneath the Weather

imageThere are times
When winter settles into your bones
And old Arthur comes a’stealing
When nothing else matters
Except a warm fire
Maude’s old blanket and
A hot cup of orange-spice tea
Cupped into cold hands
All with an international flare
I want nothing
Except to lie down
And orientate myself to the sun
Where there are only grey snow clouds
To just sit upon this cozy day
No clocks
No scheduled tasks
Just me


imageGood noon day from the lakeside deck ~

Late rising
Not too cold for visiting
Birds still feeding

Now a round cake of ice
Red seed pan on a wooden rail
Pouring warm water

Ground cover
Making a welcome mat
Frozen solid

Stone bluffs
Long ice canes point the way
Seeing down the cove

Wrangler Steve Gunter


Join us at the Artist Retreat Center 6:00pm
Come by for a hot toddy or cider! — Steve Gunter Speaker

Saturday Series 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Village on the Lakes Writers & Poets
Sponsors, Artist Retreat Center & Bella Vista Library

Our featured speaker is Wrangler Steve Gunter, Northwest Arkansas Renowned Storyteller and Gracious People Person & Bentonville High School Retired English Teacher! Steve has kept a Writing Journal since he was ten years old and will share Lessons Learned in Life and in Writing! Also, as a bonus he will share his Memory Master Method to remembering names. He is currently employed as 21C Museum Hotel’s Most Excellent Door Man & Valet, lives currently in Bentonville.

Held at the Artist Retreat Center in Bella Vista, AR across from the Bella Vista Lake along Hwy 71. Admission is free. However, the ARC requests reservations at 479-268-6463.


Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~
Grey skies and rain today. This January’s weather is finally making the turn towards winter. But still I remind myself we only have winter here for another month or so. Each day is getting longer & daylight is earlier. It’s a small change but March is around the corner!

My morning write ~
A pair of Northern Flickers
Pecking at sweet suet cake
Mother & Father settling in
Even in rain