toils and
follow us like the moon
You can see him over there
sitting on your shoulder
And his shadow
grows extra longer
But then
your heart stops!

You just thought
you had more time
“You can’t go no further”
Hard luck strikes ~
This is it ~
“It’s over”
“There is no more” ~ It’s the end!

And then …
by some miracle
a reprieve
is granted
While you recover
Your body becomes slow and weighted down
in trying out the living again
like freedom forgotten
becomes paramount

No staggering steps here
No unwashed hair
No night pj’s to spare
“Yes, I’m up”
“I’m dressed”
“Take me somewhere”

“How about a big steak”?
That should really help right?
Protein for healing right?
And sure anything
that will help me feel
alive again

It’s no ones fault
except maybe the moon’s
Take me to a place of my forgotten memories
Where conversations are free
Where people get to see each other
Where people can shake your hand
and ask how you are?
Where people take time to live
a little
In all that living
they do so well

“Yep, you can take me there” ~