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Passion Flowers

photo 1 (1)passion flower photo 3 (1)passion flower photo 2 (1)passion flowerWritten   for    dVerse  Poets  3rd Anniversary!

Writing and sharing with this group has always motivated me to write more than I could have ever thought possible.  I have made so many friends from all over the world and have the privilege of reading their poetry and sharing comments with so many others.  Our dVerse Hosts have such rich knowledge and skills, so valuable in mentoring others. 

As a teacher I know . . . there is no better way to learn than by doing!!  By simply writing more, I have learned so much.  Each week I look forward to the new writing challenges and exploring the many different forms of poetry!  Thank you for making me so very welcome!  CHEERS!

Life is made up of beautiful moments

Some we may not ever see, hidden & invisible

We say all things are possible!

And every individual can achieve

If we can only change

If we can only focus on renewal

If we can only live with passion – – –

I say, renewal may show us a path

Helping enrich ourselves and our community

Not simply for change sake

But by allowing and nurturing

Creative souls!

By the very act of being creative – – –

We bear fruit

We share our entangled stories

We write our telling words, word by word

We do truly grow

We do richly become

We know we do change

We continually renew ourselves

And we renew our thriving Diverse community too!

10 thoughts on “Passion Flowers”

  1. every act of creation we touch a bit more of the magic…and we do learn…we screw it up…as a teacher i know that too is part of the process, the growing and ….its a cool write ma’am…

    sorry i am so late, on vacation and there is no connection where we are staying….oy.


  2. there really are so many beautiful moments, and your right, we can’t necessarily see them all, but we can share those we see and in doing so open each other’s eyes to far more than possible…that is the power of words. a lovely tribute here.


  3. By the very act of being creative – – –
    We bear fruit…. it is so cool what happens when we put those words together – and i agree – we learn most by just doing – again and again and again – and in that find joy and encourage others as well


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